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Scenes from Adstravaganza! All photos by Carmen L. de Jesús.

Ivy Wolf Turk, COM ’78, AdLab founder and Advertising Professor Emeritus Walter Lubars and Dean ad interim Tobe Berkovitz.

Tobe Berkovitz and Walter Lubars.

Joy Burka, ’07 MS, Nikita Dighe, COM ’07 MS, and Advertising Professor Carolyn Clark.

Jean Lubars, Robert Blagman, COM ’78, and Walter Lubars.

Josh Turk, COM ’96, and Ivy Wolf Turk, COM ’78.

Advertising Professors Judy Austin and Sue Parenio.

Sophia Zouras, COM ’90, and Chris Wojda, COM ’98.

The Ad-Tini’s secret ingredient.

Walter Lubars and Martha Kaplan, COM ’79.

Valerie Gambino, COM ’91, Nicola Gambino and Tom Fauls.

Renee Sall, COM ’81, and Rob Lipshutz, COM ’79.

Theresa Pantazopoulos, COM ’93, and Advertising Professor Chris Cakebread.

Phil Tavares, COM ’95, and Tobe Berkovitz.

Tobe Berkovitz, Ira Yoffe, CFA ’78, and Laurie Onanian.

Walter Lubars and Eric David, COM ’81.

Adrian Lai, COM ’04, and Laurence Gega, COM ’03.

Young alumns enjoying Adstravaganza!

Graciela Meltzer, COM ’90, and Neal Meltzer.

Rebecca Novak, COM ’06 MA, Michael Tannous, COM ’06 MS and Advertising Professor Carolyn Clark.

James Mclaine, COM ’92, Louis Piels, COM ’90, and Mark Nelson, COM ’88.

Nicola Gambino, Walter Lubars and Valerie Gambino, COM ’91.

Mohsin Jindani, COM ’06, Eric Taylor, COM ’06, and Chris Cakebread.

Christopher Drury, COM ’77 MS, Jill Drury, COM ’77, and Tobe Berkovitz.

Julie Pinkwater, CAS ’79, and Tobe Berkovitz.

COM alumni.

Tobe Berkovitz and Lori Blinder, COM ’94.

Judy Austin, Tobe Berkovitz, Walter Lubars, Jean Lubars, David Lubars and John Verret.


Carolyn Clark, Sue Parenio, Walter Lubars, Jean Lubars and David Lubars.

Advertising Professors Tom Fauls and Chris Cakebread.

Walter Lubars
Walter Lubars speaks to the crowd.

Shawn Zupp
Shawn Zupp, COM ’95, introducing Warner Bros. artist Peter Cincotti.

Peter Cincotti
Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti
Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti
Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti
Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti
Peter Cincotti



1. Deby Engelmyer - June 4, 2007

Looks like I missed a great party! Congrats to Walter Lubars..I was in the 1st class of Adlab and have fond memories.

Deby Engelmyer
Com 78′

2. Joe Monestere - June 4, 2007

Does anyone know if Alan Holliday showed up? I miss that guy.

3. Eda Basak - June 5, 2007

I wonder why Shawn Zupp is introducing Peter Cincotti…probably a client Zupp?
I wish I were in the States to join the party to see Cakebread, Holliday, maybe even Dottie Clark and my classmate and AdLab friend Zupp. Hey to all from Istanbul!

Eda Basak
COM ’96

4. Stacy Spangler - June 5, 2007

My best to Walter.
A great, positive influencer to those of us who dared to enter the Ad world.
Sorry to have missed the Adstravaganza in NYC!
Glad to see that Adlab continues successfully…
My best also to Bob Montgomery, and Adlab classmates: Amy, Lorraine and Cristina.
SPC ’78

5. Valerie Selyutin (now Gambino) - June 6, 2007

Fun party! I wish more of my old classmates had been there. I also wished Alan and Bob had made it, but alas, it was not to be. Wishing them both well. It was great to see Walter, though!

6. Bernie Aronson - June 23, 2007

My congratulations to Prof. Lubars. My name is Bernie Aronson and I was a partner at ClarkeAronsonGoward Advertising in Boston. We helped Walter launch the AdLab. Jon Goward and I worked with the students to produce a TV spot that won a Hatch award. The idea and concept was based on the line,” If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t!” It was a lot of fun helping the students to understand how to approach a problem and solve it creatively and successfully. The agency also took on David Lubars as an intern and I know it set the tone for what was to be and still is, a great career in the ad biz. Congrats to you too David.

7. Erin McElwain Wetzel - August 6, 2007

Wish I were there. I’ll make sure to attend the next one. President of AdLab, graduating class ’95. Erin McElwain (now Erin Wetzel). VP of Marketing, iChapters.com

8. Leslie Dreizen Kilgour - November 14, 2007

I wish I could have seen everyone! It looked like a great time. I would love to hear from my AD friends. email me at lesliegor@hotmail.com. See you next time.

Leslie Dreizen Kilgour COM ’95

9. Susan Levy COM '74 - April 16, 2008

I wish that I ‘d known about the tribute party for Walter. I would have flown in from Seattle for the event. Walter taught me to believe in my writing style. 20 million published booklets later, I guess he was right!

One of my favorite Walter stories:
After a snow storm my first year at BU, I didn’t attend class for a couple of days. When I finally appeared, he asked what was wrong. I explained that in my native North Carolina, everyone knew that when it snowed, you stayed home. Flabbergasted, he explained that I was now in the land of snow…and that meant school, snow or no snow.

10. LaroHoody - December 11, 2009

Wow… kinda awesome matter. I will blog about it as well!

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