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What have you been up to? May 25, 2007

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What have you been doing since you left COM? Tell us where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going. While you’re at it, show us where you’ve been by sending us pictures or video.



1. Adrian Lai - February 7, 2007

Started off as an account coordinator/project manager at Renegade Marketing Group.
Just started a new job as a Project Manager/Strategist at Honest.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn! http://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianlai

2. Lori Blinder - February 7, 2007

I am currently the Fashion Advertising Director at Seventeen Magazine which is part of the Hearst magazine group in NYC.

3. Laurence Gega - February 8, 2007

Started off as an admin/account coordinator at Y&R NY, worked up to Account Executive. Managed to do some writing at YR and now at TBWA in NY as a copywriter.

4. Mariel Rosenwasser - February 12, 2007

I’ve been at BBDO New York for the past 4 years, currently as an Account Executive on M&M’s – Always Fun! If you ever want some chocolate, I’m your girl. Looking forward to the adstravaganza 🙂

5. Jenny Konopasek - February 20, 2007

I graduated COM in 04 in Print Journalism, and now I’ve infiltrated the ad world. I started as a Sales Coordinator at Variety magazine. Since December 05 I’ve been a Sales Planner at Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, responsible for the ads on MSN as well as our other properties. I’m based out of our New York office, and I truly love it!

6. Alyssa Feinberg Knobel - February 20, 2007

I left COM in January ’93 and was well on my way at NW Ayer and then went over to McCann-Erickson. I transitioned well to Chicago to BBV and ended up in the middle of the merge with FCB/True North. I did a stint at BBDO Chicago and fell into product development and business development. I am now a consultant and work for the greatest company on earth – Experiencia (www.experiencia-world.com) HQ’d in Chicago. Thanks to COM for the base that has allowed me to build a colorful and exciting career! Sorry I will miss the big event!

7. Sara Schiano - February 20, 2007

I’m currently a sales rep/account executive for American PHOTO and Popular Photography magazines and PopPhoto.com web site, published by Hachette Filipacchi Media, based in NYC.

8. Corey Kronengold - February 20, 2007

Currently the Director of Corporate Communications at Tremor Media, a leading online video ad network. Since leaving BU in ’96, I’ve had PR and marketing jobs with Billboard Magazine, Launch.com/Yahoo!Music and TDK. I also contribute to online advertising trade publications under my name as well as ghost-writing for executives.

9. Joe Monestere - February 20, 2007

Started at Mullen after graduation in 99 as an AAE. Went to David Wilson Associates in 00 and on to Campbell Mithun in Irvine, CA where I worked on the Verizon Wireless account. Now I’m at Campbell Mithun’s HQ in Minneapolis (freezing!) and working on General Mills, currently doing campaigns for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Oatmeal Crisp.

10. Dennis Greeley - February 22, 2007

Graduated COM in 91. Horse and buggy were being replaced by the motor vehicle right around then. Started at Ogilvy & Mather NY in 94 as a Copywriter. Still kicking around here. In the past few years I’ve gotten to write TV for Miller Lite, anti-Global Warming, American Express, and now a sports TV network. And I owe Dave Swartz an email.

11. Erica Morón - February 24, 2007

COM Class of ’05 alumna here — I started off as an assistant media planner at Horizon Media in the Direct Response Group in November ’05 before getting bumped up to a Media Planner this past October. While I now mainly work on LasikPlus Vision Centers and Strayer University (mostly local broadcast), I have worked on DR accounts like GEICO, Nature’s Cure, TrimSpa, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day, Biography Channel, and various others doing spot tv and radio, national cable, and print. It’s funny — back when I was in AdLab as an “AE” I was so set on graduating and going to an ad agency to work as an assistant AE. But I ended up in media and now working on DR accounts I get to function as an AE with the added bonus of doing analytics. The job and company are both awesome. I love my job and I’m learning so much!

12. Dave Swartz - February 25, 2007

Graduated COM in 91. I remember the horse and buggy as well. Although I vaguely remember running through slush to catch a slow moving green train. I think I slipped. I was at at small agency in Boston with Tony Labriola (91) for a few years after graduation. Then I worked at Mullen with Tony Labriola. Now I’m creative director at DGWB Advertising in Santa Ana and I’m running our Branded Entertainment Division. I work a lot with Sam Sokolow (91) who’s got his own TV production company with Rob Lobl (91). And if anyone sees Kim Shoen, tell her I miss her. And yeah, Dennis you owe me an email.

13. Jeremy Shein - February 26, 2007

Graduated COM ’01. I think I still had a mostly-full head of hair back then. (It’s mostly-empty now; pun intended). As Alan, Tobe Sue and Chris are aware, I took the path less travelled and did the post 9-11 law enforcement thing. I hope you can all forgive a COMmie traitor!

14. Valerie Selyutin (now Gambino) - February 27, 2007

Hey, fellow COM ’91 grads! Where were all of you during the 2001 reunion? I showed up almost 8 months pregnant, all the way from NYC. LOL Saw about 3 familiar faces. Hard to believe so many years have gone by.
I never did get that great ad agency job (’91 was a tough year!) and was selling ad space for about 4 years (which sucked big time) so I went and got an MBA in Marketing and have been working as a Marketing manager for the past 8 years now at Ski-Safe (boating insurance) in Long Island. I’m also a mother of two boys.
Very excited about Adstravaganza! Hope to see some old friends. If you remember me, please get in touch!

15. Erica Plotkin - March 2, 2007

Hi everyone! Class of ’02 alum here…
I work in digital media for True North Inc. Just came over here from another agency in October — was brought on to build the company’s media department… it’s going well, slow and steady… Any other ’02 alums heading out to this event? Would love to catch up… find me on MySpace, Facebook, Friendster or Linkedin.

(Hey, it’s part of the job, i’m digital!)

16. Devri Davis (formerly Devri Watts) - March 2, 2007

Hello everyone. I graduated from COM in ’02 from Advertising.

I wish that I could say I’m working in Advertising, but that’s not the case. I’m currently working towards and MBA Marketing and will graduate this May. I have been working in the Marketing Department of one of the largest hair companies for the last two years and plan to eventually–perhaps :p–open my own Market Research firm.

It’s good to be connected to the COM community.

Take care, everyone, and I hope to see you around….

17. Craig - March 5, 2007

COM ’03 stand up!

Started at Deutsch as a creative assistant/junior AD on Bank of America. After we lost that, I was whored around to the Monster.com, Snapple, Revlon and Tylenol accounts.

After a year and a half, moved to M&C Saatchi NY as an AD. Worked on British Airways, The Financial Times, PODS, AIG, Travelex, NYC Marketing.

Spent two years here and am leaving to start at RMG Connect (JWT’s interactive agency) as an AD working on HSBC, the Marines, and SCANA

18. Kelly Dickens - March 6, 2007

Graduated in ’03. Started at Ogilvy. Moved to Fallon. Now at Mullen.
Currently working on longevity.

19. Kiki Parry - March 7, 2007

AdLab ’92, anyone out there? I was an AD at Disc Makers Design Studio (music packaging, fun) for past 9 years. Just quit to be with my Oct ’06 baby and run a home-based business of edgy, sarcastic (ooh surprise) greeting cards and custom graphic design. Need any? AlternateGreetings.com! Hope to see a familiar face or two in April.

Hi especially to Chris, Alan, and Dr Root! – kp

20. Melissa Schulz - March 12, 2007

Graduated COM in ’92. Started as an AAE right after graduation and still at it 15 years later, but now at Ogilvy & Mather as a Senior Partner, Account Director working on Unilever business. Having worked on P&G for over 7 years, I am known as the CPG Queen and am still working 65 hours a week. What am I doing wrong?
I keep in touch with Maureen Begley, Kiki Parry & Scott Arpajian, but would love to hear from my other AdLab friends! Will try to dig up some awful photos from ’92… be afraid. Be very afraid.

21. Chris Vance - March 14, 2007

COM ’04(ish?)

It all started back in “Introduction to Advertising” with your friend, and mine, Professor Cakebread. His thoughts on our final project?

“You’re creative executions are a bit lackluster, but the research and strategy are stellar.”

Thus the spark of account planning was ignited. Started out as a junior planner at Arnold. Now a planner at Element 79 in Chicago. Craving some Cap’n Crunch? Life Cereal? Perhaps a Cricket wireless phone? I’ve got ya covered.

22. Alisa Harris - March 22, 2007

COM & CLA ’90

So excited to get my Adstravaganza invite! Might have to make my annual trip to NYC in April this year. I briefly did the advertising run in creative with WCRS advertising in London then Atlantic Coast Advertising in North Carolina. Then (to no one’s surprise from my adlab days) I started my own freelance graphic design company in Wilmington, NC in ’94. I do mostly entertainment design for film and theatre companies here. In 2000 I also became a talent agent for film and television actors and have had actors work on shows like “Dawson’s Creek”, “One Tree Hill” and “Surface” and in feature films and commercials. My experiences with Adlab and BU Stage Troupe really solidified my post collegiate career path. Hope to see some old friends in NYC!

23. Brad Roth - March 27, 2007

COM ’03, Adlab Eboard 2002-20003

I moved back to Baltimore and worked for a few different software companies (marketing and tech, believe it or not), before landing my current position, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Tivilon, a Baltimore-based web design and development company. Not writing a lot at all… but I can’t say I’m not challenged everyday. There was no class at COM on “How to market for a start-up with a limited budget as a one-man marketing department”. But I love it! Can’t wait to see everyone at the bar.

24. Nick Iwaskow - March 28, 2007

COM ’91

I got my invite, I hope I can make it…

Cool to see all this stuff – kinda nostalgic…my run at a career in agencies only lasted about a year at a division of JWT in NJ (did you see how they treat those people?!? – he he)…then after some OK sales jobs, surviving 5 years at a dot-com, and grabbing an MBA in Marketing, I am now basically happy on the client-side at a software co. here in the Boston area…

25. Jose Fernandez ('92) - March 29, 2007


26. Jose Fernandez ('92) - March 29, 2007

I’m currently Creative Director working at JWT Specialized Communications in New York. In my previous lives I worked in interactive, marketing and internet design and lived in Spain for a couple of years.

I can’t wait to see you all at Branch!

27. Rohan Stevens - March 30, 2007

COM ’01

After graduation I landed at Ogilvy and Mather working on Kodak. Since leaving O&M I’ve walked the halls of Euro RSCG, Deutsch and Dentsu America. Most recently I’ve launched brands for both GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. My latest assignment is at JWT NY launching yet another brand, but this time it’s for Wyeth.

28. Travis York - April 1, 2007

COM 2000

I’m currently working as the EVP/Managing Director of Griffin Bodi & Krause (GB&K) in Manchester, NH after leaving Euro RSCG Worldwide in summer 2005. GB&K is one of the few true mid-size (45 people), full service and independent agencies left after all the consolidation of the late 1990’s early 2000’s (what a crazy time that was). We’ve been around for 30 years and are appealing to those looking for a higher quality of life in the suburbs (Manchester is about 50 miles from Boston). Fortunately, the geographic location of an agency – so long as you can attract talent – doesn’t matter to clients as much anymore so we’re able to do regional, national and even international work for all kinds of companies. I’m hoping to get to NYC for this event if my schedule permits. It’ll be good to catch up with other COM alum.

29. Jessica Mangan - April 4, 2007

COM ’04, AdLab E-Board 2002-2004

Made the scary trip from Boston to the NY Ad Scene after grad in’04. Landed an AAE position at Euro RSCG working for none other than… Rohan Stevens (see above). Love the COM connection. Spent two years at Euro launching a new GlaxoSmithKline drug and being the “herpes girl”. Sure, alums can offer you candy and cereal… but who else can offer you Valtrex? Moved to BBDO last May to work on Lubriderm as an AE. Now back in Pharma-land on Merck, still at BBDO.

Can’t wait to catch up with old friends and familiar faces – See you later this month!

30. Melina (Barbone) Leone - April 6, 2007

COM ’94

Well, after graduating COM in 94′ I worked at Bread and Circus as a cashier (not too glamorous). At the time, even though I had had a great internship at (at the time) Ingalls Quinn & Johnson working on the CVS account and AdLab on my resume, there were lots of layoffs during that time, so I left Boston (sadly) to return to PA where I was from. Needless to say, Philly is not a very big ad town, but I managed to get an AAE job at a small agency for $22,000/year. YIKES! at the time, I thought that was a lot. I worked on a regional telecommunications account (print, radio and TV). That company got bought out by Earle Palmer Brown (no longer in existance) so I moved up so to speak. After that, I “swtich sides” and went online. I worked at i-Frontier (now Avenue A/Razorfish) for Brad Aronson who basically invented online advertising and another small interactive shop building websites for pharma companies. I switched to the “dark side” and now I am the client, working at Wyeth pharmaceuticals in HCP RM & eMarketing. It’s funny, but as I look back on my college days, I remember not understanding Prof. Cakebread’s jaded perspective of the ad biz. And now that I have worked in a few agencies, I can really relate and appreciate his perspective. It kept me grounded all these years. Looking forward to the adstravaganzsa and hope to see some folks from my era….

31. Diane (Carvisiglia) Boulanger - April 17, 2007

COM 90-ish–Broadcasting & Film
Worked as a journalist/waitress for a couple of years before moving to Greece for a couple more years, editing an English-language mag called The Athenian (now defunct). Moved back to the States and into the ad business as a copywriter for Ciavarra Design. Then, went to Leo Burnett as a copywriter and worked lots of long hours until they made me a creative director. Next, a brief stint as CD at One to One Interactive before opening my own shop in 2001, Boulanger & Associates–where I work even longer hours for the man (oh, wait, I am the man). Many BU alums have come through our doors since!

32. Lynne Viera - April 17, 2007

Worked for the big guys as a copywriter and Creative Director. Have had my own agency, Rival Marketing, in Boston area for almost 3 years. We specialize in online and have done some fun stuff for AOL, the National Geographic Channel, ESPN and many others. Currently looking for a bright, talented intern for the summer if anyone knows of someone looking.

33. Karen Leiper Haffmans - April 17, 2007

COM ’94

After my illustrious career at AdLab and interning as a copywriter at Little Leighton Sobczyk (London), Arnold, and Hill Holliday, I took my first paid gig at J. Walter Thompson/NY as a Creative Assistant. While there, I muscled my way onto the Lipton Tea, Bell Atlantic and Wall Street Journal accounts. But I found copywriting in the real world to be a bit tedious, so I moved over to broadcast production. I spent two years learning the ropes at Korey Kay & Partners, then spent eight years honing my skills at Deutsch/NY. I’m now in my third year as a Senior Producer at BBDO and loving every minute of it.

34. Joe Fusco Jr. - April 17, 2007

SPC “76
Member of first Ad-Lab with Professor Lubars.Worked on campaigns for Whimsey’s restaurant and National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis.Great time and best learning experience I had at BU.
Have spent most of my career in supermarket retailing.Published five books of poetry and CD and feature in the Central Mass.area .Nothing too deep .I just try to be amusing.
Can’t make the extravaganza but would love to hear from Professor Lubars.Great teacher,better person.Wonder if he remembers our makeshift group?

35. Julie Hober (Hasler) - April 18, 2007

COM ’02

After getting my feet wet in AdLab and doing an internship at an agency for the summer program in London, I started off my career by moving to Detroit to take an entry-level traffic job with Doner. Quickly moved up the ranks there working on the Progressive Insurance business, and eventually to where I’m at now as a Senior Account Executive working on the Expedia business. Wish I could make the extravaganza, but “work is work” as a wise professor at BU often said.

36. Brooke Positan - April 18, 2007

Dawned an orange apron and became an advertising coordinator for The Home Depot fresh out of COM, became a copywriter at a small design studio with huge clients, then used my stats minor to break into the pharma advertising world as a copywriter in ’05 and was promoted to a senior copywriter by ’06…and who said COM was the College of Optional Math??

37. Graciela (Braslavsky) Meltzer - April 19, 2007

COM ’90

I was in Adlab in the Spring of 1987. That summer I had an internship at McCaffrey & McCall in NYC. I think I decided advertising was NOT for me, even though the tv show “Thirty Something”was IT. Since graduating BU in 1990 I have been a VP in a small PR firm in NYC, then Talent Executive at E! Entertainment Television in LA and finally found my love in TV production working as a producer at VH1. Currently I am a mom/ freelance producer. I recently made a short called Swagland that airs oin Current TV, YouTube…or just google.

38. Betsy Brill-Steckelman - April 21, 2007

COM 1988
Originally, I had wanted to work at a big advertising agency after graduation, but felt that nothing could complare to the AdLab experience. Instead, I became a snowboard pro and also have been working as an advertising/marketing/public relations consultant, mostly with charities, so I could keep my hand in the business. My LuMont Award sits proudly on my trophy shelf for all to see (and for most to comment, “What the heck is a LuMont?”). Sorry I will not be able to make it to the Adstravaganza, but I did want to say hi to my former classmates and my favorite BU Professor, Walter Lubars. Please feel free to e-mail me at betsybu88@aol.com.

39. Greg Mattera - April 24, 2007

COM 1999
I have been working in direct marketing (database, lettershop & fulfillment) since I can remember.. Throughout the years I have received alot of calls from my customers for a one-stop (print/mail)shop and in in January of 2007 my Company ListPerfect (www.listperfect.com) merged with Premere Color (www.premerecolor.com) to create a database, print, mail & fulfillment powerhouse..
The result is a one-stop resource that will include creative, print, mailing services and database management, all under one roof. The combined company will operate under the name Premere Color and be headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts..
See you all Thursday and for the love of god and BU alumni start sending me some DATABASE/PRINT/MAIL work!!!! Please feel free to e-mail me at gmattera@premerecolor.com or call me at 617-899-5312.. LATER!!!

40. Pam - April 24, 2007

Pamela Bloore
COM 1988

Well, thanks to my BU experience I didn’t have to break a sweat to land a job at Ogilvy & Mather NY right out of school. Then one day an ad sales rep from one of the publishing co’s whispered in my ear – and I wound up in Pubishing for 7 years. In the end I ran 3 different magazines so that was fun. After this stint, it became clear that my true destiny was to be a presentation and communication coach. So for the last 10 years I’ve been running a consulting business in NY. All of our clients are ad agencies (except for that one Architural Design Firm).

Occasionally, I still tell one of Walter Lubars’ stories to my clients…about the toilet paper. Does anyone else remember it? Betsy Brill? I believe you were there!

I am hoping to make it to Adstravaganza, but I do have a 2 year old…so we’ll see. Drop me a note if you’d like to catch up.

41. Liz Gumbinner - April 25, 2007

Wow all these names. Graciela…holy moly.

COM ’90 here, you know back when there was one computer in all of COM and it was the size of a minivan.

I’ve been in advertising ever since graduation, from Jordan McGrath to Leonard Monahan to Della Femina, finally landing at Deutsch for five years. I left in 2000 to inject more life in my life. Since then I’ve been freelancing, and now am a part/time creative director for david and goliath in LA, working from home in Brooklyn. I’m also the proud mama of an almost two year old, with her yet unnamed sister on the way any day now.

Additionally I’m the co-editor of Cool Mom Picks, a shopping blog for hip parents featuring non-mainstream gifts and gear for kids. I’m also a parenting blogger and freelance writer, and have a weekly column at Time Out NY/Kids.

I’d love to make the adstravaganza but I fear my water would break all over Bob Montgomery forever scarring him for life.

42. Flávia Carvalho - April 25, 2007

COM ’02

After graduating, worked at Ogilvy & Mather for 2.5 years. Then moved to BBDO NY where I’ve been for the past 2+ years. I worked on M&M’s for a while and now am on the Pizza Hut account. Bring on the cheese, baby.

43. Beth (Shafer) Falewicz - June 4, 2007

COM ’02

After graduating, I worked for 2 years at Allen & Gerritsen in Boston as a Marketing Manager on NEBH, Honey Dew Donuts and AZEK Trimboards. For the last year or so, I have been working at Digitas Boston on the OnStar account as a Project Manager – Push your blue button!

44. Jolie Lenehan Hellings - June 4, 2007

SPC – ’84

Professor Lubars was one of my favorites at BU and Ad Lab was a huge amount of fun. It was a defining college experience because I decided to go into advertising right then and there. I worked at Ketchum then on to Foote, Cone & Belding. I then went to Microsoft in 1991and have been on the client side ever since working with O&M, A&L, Wieden + Kennedy and McCann on a variety of ad campaigns.

45. Bernie Aronson - June 24, 2007

I thought I had left a message but now it’s gone. Ahhh, the wonders of hi-tech. Anyway, I was with Terry Clarke at ClarkeAronsonGoward Advertising in Boston. I graduated from BU{PAL} so, helping Walter and his flock at AdLab was really a payback for me. Jon Goward and I worked with AdLab and helped them create and produce a TV spot that won a Hatch Award from the Ad Club of Boston. It’s a very prestegious award that ad agencies and creative people work hard to achieve. I also want to cogratulate David Lubars who set the tone for his outstanding career as an intern at CAG. Those were the days!

Bernie Aronson

46. Lauren Alpert Magnin - June 26, 2007

Walter Lubars was my favorite professor ever! Although I will always remember what he said to me (in Adlab in ’89) “You are very talented. But you’ll never make it in advertising because you’re too nice.”

I’m still nice, and I’m still in advertising, Walter! I’m an AD at Davis Elen Advertising in Los Angeles. I started out my career in New York at Y&R, and moved to L.A. 3 years later. I work mainly on Knott’s Berry Farm and I play right field on the company softball team.

47. Erin McElwain Wetzel - August 6, 2007

I graduated in ’95 and was once the President of Adlab. Christopher Cakebread was my mentor. After I graduated I took an Account Coordinator job at CC&D Communications, a small boutique agency in Boston. I then moved back home to the SF Bay Area where I held various marketing positions at CMP Publishing, Disney Internet Group, CNET, Gap Inc. and am currently VP of Marketing at iChapters.com, the eCommerce division of Thomson Learning.

I’m married with 2 dogs and live in Menlo Park, CA. I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast and am training for my first trialthon!

AdLab was the starting ground for what has become a successful career in Advertising.

48. Bill Angione - February 2, 2012

Hello everyone, it’s my first go to see at this web page, and post is in fact fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these types of articles.

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