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Spots of the Week…With Amanda, Penny and Craig January 29, 2007

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Amanda, Penny and Craig proved to be the star commentators to the Adstravaganza! blog from day one!
To reward their devotion, we’ve given them their own post. Tune in for their rants and become a special guest on their virtual post by leaving a comment!



1. Amanda - February 7, 2007

Can we just talk about how the Super Bowl ads did not live up to the hype? I kept waiting for great, memorable ads to come. They never did.

2. Penny - February 7, 2007

Amanda–are you going to Branch? Its a nice space, we should all go. And I agree, I was not pleased with the Super Bowl ads. Have they gotten worst each year?

3. Craig - February 7, 2007

How can you not like Robert Goulet?!? And Mr. Turkeyneck? Those were hilarious. There’s also a director’s cut of that Garmin spot floating around…it’s about 2:00 long and focuses more on the rock band.

4. Penny - February 7, 2007

Craig, where have you been all my life. 😉

5. Adrian Lai - February 7, 2007

The best thing about the Superbowl? Purple rain in the rain:)

6. Amanda - February 7, 2007

I didn’t say a couple of the ads weren’t funny. I laughed (modestly) at the Rocks/Paper/Scissors ad and “Slapping Trend” both of which were for Bud Light.

I think my favorite was the Taco Bell one. The one with the two lions talking about the Carne Asada wrap.

But despite thinking some were mildly funny, I had to rewatch them to remember them. They weren’t water-cooler material.

7. Amanda - February 7, 2007

I totally agree with you Adrian! hahaha

8. Craig - February 7, 2007

Actually just went back this week to watch the Terry Tate Office Linebacker spots and the original Wassup spots. Those still make me laugh…

9. Amanda - February 7, 2007

Yeah. Those were pretty funny. 🙂 I always wonder if ads that are just funny (slapstick kind of funny) help the brand or if they’re just entertaining…

10. Craig - February 7, 2007

I think every commercial helps build the brand. Every piece of communication is contributing to the brand’s image. During the superbowl, the best spots are the ones that don’t try to sell you something or take themselves seriously. It’s become the Oscars of advertising. Look at the Van Heusen or Sales Genie ads. No one’s talking about them because they were instantly forgetable. I think the point of the doing a Bowl ad is to do something memorable so it generate enough buzz to get your 2.5 million dollars worth. This year is was the Nationwide spot and the Snickers spot…those got a lot of press.

11. Shawn Zupp - February 8, 2007

I think you guys should start the Amanda, Penny, Craig Show on Super Bowl advertising – I’d watch it.

Super Bowl ads have take a downward slide since the dot.com bust.

All those dot.com’s – the E*Trades, etc. – that’s when it was last like “hold on , I need to see the commercials” on the Super Bowl.

These days its like the Super Bud/Bud Light Bowl – its the only ads that are entertaining. MY agency BBDO had the Sierra Mist, Fedex, spots in there.

12. Penny - February 8, 2007

I think we should have our own show. And have an agency job as a part-time gig.

I like the slapstick commercials, sure, a lot of times they are irrelevant but there’s brand exposure and that’s always a good thing. All publicity is good publicity.

13. Amanda - February 9, 2007

Holy Moly about Anna Nicole Smith! I wonder if it was the Trim Spa? That can’t be good for that brand;-)

14. Penny - February 9, 2007

Josh made the exact same joke?
You know she OD’ed. I blame Howard K. Stern–the sketchy attorney. A profession that can be even scuzzier than ours.

15. Amanda - February 13, 2007

Hahaha. Scuzzier huh? Great word. I think it’s all a conspiracy. But anyway, on to more advertising-related discussions:) What do we think of the Snickers commercial from the Super Bowl? I am so surprised that it has gotten so much attention. I didn’t really think much of it. I didn’t find it offensive. But then again, I’m not gay. Anyone else care to comment?

16. Nikki - February 15, 2007

Ok, I know this a little late, but I need a moment to vent about the Superbowl ads. I agree with Amanda above, I don’t think that Snickers ad was offensive. I actually thought it was clever. But as a whole I was entirely disappointed in the Superbowl commercials, especially the beer ones. The fist bump/face slap commercial made me laugh in the beginning, but it got incredibly old after the second time. It made me long for the mediocrity of the last years, magic beer fridge.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ad featuring Robert Goulet. Kudos to tapping into the absurd SNL (will it ever be good again?) Goulet obsession.

Looking forward to the Adstravaganza in April! 🙂

17. Amanda - February 16, 2007

How funny is that new Subway ad with the construction worker? He says something to the effect of, “They call me Mr. Hot Italian” or “Mr Hot Salami”…something to that effect. I crack up every time. I mean, really? It’s kinda dirty? No? Just me? 🙂

18. Amanda - February 23, 2007

I’m sorry. It’s actually, “Ehh, 12 stories down, they call me Mr Hot Pastrami”. Imagine that in a Brooklyn accent:)

19. Penny - February 23, 2007

You are dirty.

20. Craig - February 23, 2007

For those try to keep up on creative work, check out these two sites:

Advertising for Peanuts (blog):

Ads of the World:

21. Craig - February 23, 2007

Sorry…also forgot:

Best ads on TV (updated every Wednesday):

22. Penny - March 1, 2007

So once Amanda, Craig and I got these special spot shout outs, we haven’t posted a darn thing. Well I’ll tell you why I haven’t. I’m been trying to launch two online campaigns this week and its not working out. Seriously in online advertising, I don’t think I’ve ever launched a campaign on time.

Enough of my complaints, bring on the topics!

23. Craig - March 5, 2007

Forget launching a new campaign. I’ve been looking for a new job. That’s why I haven’t been posting. But the good news is, I did get one…

Anyway, have you guys seen this:

What do you think of it? Pretty wild…

24. Penny - March 12, 2007

Craig–I didn’t know you were looking. Good luck, maybe you can find something for me too while you are at it. jk.

And Amanda, I’ve seen the subway commercial now several times and I must say, you of all people would find that dirty. HAHA.

Will I see all you guys tomorrow? Hope so.

25. Penny - March 14, 2007

I had fun last night seeing old faces and meeting a few new ones. I realized, I need to stay COM-nected. OK that was pretty lame. Hence why I’m not a copywriter. So now, I’m going to make some ‘shout outs’ to those who were there and those who weren’t and you know who you are: Craig W. wore his $2 shirt and stayed out way past his bedtime. Jess M. graced us with her presence and almost caused a fight but only she and I knew about this. Shawn Z. was Mr. Popular, per the usual. Tobes wore his favorite shirt…you know it, the denim one. Cakebread shared some great gossip that I’m sure I won’t repeat ;). Amanda G. was a no show…because she was stuck at work. Alex N. had “better things to do” and Stephen S. is a punk. Who’d I miss? I’m sure a lot of you. Please feel free to provide your assessment. AND SOMEBODY PLEASE WRITE, I feel like a big loser. (stop laughing).

26. Penny - March 14, 2007

And I can’t forget about Robyn, she deserves her own post. Looking lovely as ever, she made last night a success.

27. Craig - March 15, 2007

Yeah that night was good times, good times. And for all the students out there, don’t get discouraged. As the late great Pac said, Keep Ya Head Up.

28. Amanda - March 22, 2007

Okay, I’m sorry. I have been MIA from this site and other events. I was working late. I could not get away. Was chained to the desk per usual. We had a shoot on Friday (March 16th) so it was quite a hectic week. Shoot went well. I’m sorry I missed everyone though. Esp. since Cakebread came this time. Good thing I will be able to see everyone next time at the Adstravaganza in April!

And I will continue to post so that Penny does not feel like a big geek (even though she secretly is). Actually, I take that back, she’s the bestest cuz she’s going to loan me a dress for Brazil! 🙂

29. Amanda - March 22, 2007

I’m so excited because Dave’s brother is going to be one of the cave men for Halloween this year. How funny will that be? I’m trying to figure out what the heck to be. Want to get a head start on it bc I will make my costume again. Last year I made a Ms Pacman costume. It was awesome. Very nearly won the video iPod my co was giving out for best costume…Next year, it will be mine.

I’m open to suggestions…

30. Penny - March 22, 2007

Speaking of the Geico cavemen, I heard rumors that it will be a TV series. Now, is it just me or is that just plain stupid? What they should make into a show is Geico’s Tiny House. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Lomy7xAVDKE (Seriously, you know you all thought this was a new Fox reality show.)

As for Halloween, maybe you can be a transformer. Remember how stuck on the idea I was. You could be Optimus Prime that could actually transform. We can work out the logistics this weekend if you’d like. Por ejemplo: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0KZIvhy1cPE

31. Amanda - March 28, 2007

Last year, one of the guys I work with was a transformer. His whole costime was made of painted boxes. It was AWESOME! He should have won for the guys. Instead, one of the creatives won because he was Flavor Flav. His costume really sucked but the judges were all creatives and this kid was a creative so I think he won unfairly. I’m not bitter or anything, haha.

On to more advertising related topics…
I received my awesome invitation yesterday to Adstravaganza! Whoever made that is awesome. It is so funny! Very creative. Love it:-) And I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone then! Is everyone planning on attending or what?

32. Penny - March 29, 2007

Well, I know I’ll be at Adstravaganza! I loved the invite. The envelope was deceptive. I thought it was some classy invite card I was getting but it was a coaster with some girl’s number on it–I think her name was Jenny. 😉

And where is everyone on Adstravaganza! Start blogging!

33. Craig - April 3, 2007

Maytag chooses new Repairman

BENTON HARBOR, Michigan (AP) — It’s lonely being the Maytag Repairman, but a Virginia man is going to give it a try.

Whirlpool Corp. announced Monday that it has selected Clay Jackson of Richmond, Virginia, as the character promoting the reliability of its Maytag brand of large appliances.

The Benton Harbor-based company conducted a nationwide search for the “new face of Maytag.” Whirlpool bought Maytag of Newton, Iowa, last year.

“The new Maytag Repairman will help revitalize the Maytag brand and its heritage by keeping one foot in our past while putting the other in our future,” Maytag Vice President Jeff Davidoff said in a news release.

The company said that at least 1,500 people participated in the two months of auditions.

Clay had been a real estate agent in Richmond, working for his family-run business. He said he decided to enter the contest “on a whim” and attended an open audition in New York. He acted in college and then professionally in 1997-2000, Whirlpool said.

The Maytag Repairman was portrayed as always lonely because of the dependability of Maytag’s appliances. Since appearing on television in 1967, he has only been played by three actors — Jesse White, Gordon Jump and Hardy Rawls. The contract of the current repairman, Rawls, is not being renewed.

34. Penny - April 4, 2007

Ok I’m going to try and pick up the slack. Amanda is in Brazil for the next week and a half so Craig, you better keep writing. Because we know what a big loser I am, you must also partake.

To be honest, I don’t really remember the Maytag repair guy. Can’t picture his face. The new guy seems like a goofy version of John C. Reilly.

Did you guys see adweek? Arnold double dipping–pitching to Volvo and Hyundai. I find that interesting. I’m still on the fence about this topic though–having two or more competitives under one ad agency. One of my Clients is Bayer and our team actually had to move to a different floor than the Glaxo team. Its strange since Bayer is OTC and Glaxo is pharma, you would think its not a big deal but lots of companies are very uncomfortable about that. But look at Dentsu, they have multiple competitors under one agency and they are the largest advertising agency brand in the world. Thoughts?

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