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Boston’s most wanted January 23, 2007

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Dog the Bounty Hunter is tied-up, so we’re on our own.
Who you looking for?
Who do you want to find you?
Post it now. Opportunity knocks.

Want to send a photo or video? Do it now!



1. Shawn Zupp - February 8, 2007

Where is Aaron Alpern?

2. Bob Montgomery - February 10, 2007

Of course I’ll be there!

How else would I ever see Walter Lubars in a Haban polyester suit?

Or hear Chris Cakebread publicly admit how he really got

his start in academe?

Or to ask Liz Gumbinner why she doesn’t answer her e-mails?

Or to beg Alan Behar to stop sending me neckties?

Or to hear David Lubars (son of Walter) tell the world in

whose class he learned how to write award-winning advertising?

And to have Dean Tobe give us the inside dope on Osama

and uh. . .um-m-m. . .uh. . .Hillary.

Of course I’ll be there.

Wouldn’t miss it!


Bob Montgomery

Professor Emeritus (1995, I think), advertising management courses,

and AdLab.

3. Dennis Greeley - February 22, 2007

If Dan O’Donnell has any guts he will
contact me at dennis.greeley@ogilvy.com.
and–eric aronin says hi.

4. Dave Swartz - February 25, 2007

I owe Dan a phone call. I’ll tell him to email you. And tell Aronin I say VIBRADAVE! And make muscles when you say it. He’ll double over laughing. Money back guarantee.

5. chris cakebread - February 27, 2007

Somebody find Shano Mac and Marissa’s e mail address so we can invite them.

Where is Aaron Alpern?

Where is James Lou and Bernadette?

6. Penny Saranteas - March 5, 2007

I was so excited to see Bob Montgomery’s name that I wanted to share some fun and fond memories from back in the day.

It was before the Mac (1984!) and my advertising class with Professor Montgomery required that we do campaigns the old-fashioned way. Everything was done by hand—cutting with exactos, layouts with t-squares and mechanicals, letraset type for headlines and subheads, and of course, sheets of “greek type” for copy. Professor Montgomery would never fail to say, “Penny can read it since she’s Greek.” Of course it didn’t bother me because I loved the attention!

Bob Montgomery was actually one of my best professors. He taught us everything there was to know about advertising, including how it can be applied to the real world. In my senior year, we all had to do an internship for credit at an ad agency. After putting together my book and going from door to door, I found an agency that liked the variety in my book and I got to meet with the Creative Director. That was Steve Cosmopulos of Cosmopulos, Crowley & Daly (who was previously at the famed Hill Holiday). So I got the intership at CC & D (got an A from Bob too!) and was hired right after graduation!

So here’s to you Bob Montgomery. You taught class with such wit and intelligence. The memories from your class will always stay with me.

I am looking to seeing you at Adstravaganza night—it’s perfect now that I live and work in NYC.

Penny Saranteas

7. Dave Swartz - March 8, 2007

Let’s not forget the one lesson that Bob Montgomery stressed above all else – lest there be hell to pay.

Never reverse white type on a black background.

I’d go so far as to say that was the single clearest lesson i learned in four years at BU that has stuck with me to this day.

8. Kirby Upjohn - March 20, 2007

Don’t forget Bob Montgomery’s other rules…
1. He who would letterspace would eat dog poop.
2. Never pass a men’s room.
3. Always keep a midget in the wings.
Bob makes everything memorable.
Kirby Upjohn (Bob’s once-upon-a-tme next door neighbor)

9. Ji Lee - April 19, 2007

Hi guys, can’t wait to see you next week! I was wondering which professors will be attending – any others besides the three on the main page?

10. Liz Gumbinner - September 13, 2007

BOB! I’ve answered you so many times! Let’s give it another shot?

try: liz[at]coolmompicks.com

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